Credit Score FAQs

Get all of your questions answered.

How do I dispute and correct inaccurate information in my credit report?
How is my credit score calculated?
How do I improve my credit score?
Why is your score different from others I see, such as Credit Karma or other banking apps?
Why do the reported dates differ between accounts? Does that mean my score isn’t up to date?
How secure is my credit data? Does anyone else, such as portal admins, have access to any of my information?
How frequently is my overall credit score updated?
Can I get my credit information sent to my email?
Will outstanding balances to the IRS show up on my credit?
If my spouse and I share lines of credit, mortgages, or loans, will I be able to access their information?
How long do public records stay on my file?
Can you provide me with a full background check so I can see more details?
Can I dispute an Inquiry for a loan I never actually got?
When will closed accounts come off my credit report?
How do I lower the monthly payments on my loans?
Do creditors always always look at gross income instead of net when calculating debt to income ratio?
Why am I not seeing all of the credit data I would expect?
What do I do if some of this information is incorrect?
I see what is high, medium, and low impact but how are credit scores actually calculated?